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We are Texas Show Pig breeders and we are ready to help you

Looking to buy show pigs?  Buying high quality show pigs for reasonable prices does not have to be difficult.  We have a long track record of producing winning show pigs at all levels and constantly strive to raise high quality show pigs that win without breaking the bank!  We offer multiple ways to buy a show pig including buying straight off the farm, Buy Now events on our website, through select sales or we hand pick you one just for you. 

How to Buy Show Pigs from Us

  • One on one consultation to help you get the right pig for your show, feeding environment and budget.
  • New pigs will be available weekly.  See the Harman Farms Fall Sale Schedule for dates. 
  • Call, Text or Message us to schedule your appointment
  • Need something special? Give us the breed, age or show that you will be attending and price range and we will hand pick a pig just for you that fits your criteria.  
  • Videos are provided on every pig to make sure it fits your expectations.
  • A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your purchase.
  • We will have several FREE DELIVERY OPTIONS available this fall.
  • Call, Text, Message or complete the Hand Picked Form to get on the list
  • Prefer to buy a pig from us online?  
  • Pigs will be listed on our Buy It Now Page with a Buy It Now price.  Videos are provided on each pig.   
  • When you find one that you like, contact Wayne to Buy It Now.  The first person to contact Wayne buys it.
  • No Fees or commission
  • We will require a non-refundable deposit by credit card to hold your purchase.
  • FREE DELIVERY OPTIONS will be available this fall
  • Click here to see whats available now
  • Attend a Select Sale that we will be attending this fall.
  • Check back for dates & Locations

Events at the Farm - Fall 2020

Barrows & Gilts sell off the farm every day!   Just call or text to make an appointment.
Wayne: 806-202-2175   Leslie: 806-202-2176

All Farm Events
– By Appointment
– All pigs are prepriced & sell off the farm
– Pigs to fit most budgets! 
   (Our pigs normally average $500 – $750)

– Call or text for an Appointment
– New set of pigs out each week

Aug 22 : FARM OPENS 
– Our earliest barrows & gilts

– Early July barrows & gilts

– Mid July barrows & gilts

Sept 11-12 : MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK     
– More mid July barrows & gilts
– Should be a big set

– Big set of mid July barrows & gilts

Sept 26-27 : CASH IN WEEKEND
– Mid to end of July barrows & gilts

– Avoid the hassle of a sale & get the pig that you want
– All pigs prepriced
– Barns open at 8 AM

Oct 9-11 : BIG BLOWOUT
– Barns open at Noon on Friday Oct 9
– Come see us then attend sales in our area
– Barrows & Gilts


Watch HERE for updates on additional sales that we will attend

What we are selling this week?

Selling this week off the farm

  • In the Barn Now

    All Litters Crosses, Spots, Polands & Durocs

Buy Show Pigs Online Now

Hand Picked Just for You

We are Focused on Your Success

We offer feeding and training advice to our customers that need it.  We have helped many exhibitors who do not live within driving range by using video technology.  If you are looking for help be sure to ask for help with feeding, training and showing, clipping and fitting.

We work hard to keep up with trends and raise the kind of show pig that wins on all levels from jackpots to major shows.  We understand the value of elite sows and have worked hard to assemble a set of elite females that keep producing winners.  Every sow is lined up with the boar that we believe will be the best fit for her whether he is in our stud or somewhere else.  No expense is spared to make sure that the best boars are used.

This fall we will have 80+ litters available
They will range in age from July 10 – Sept 5
This will include Registered Purebreds to show at Major Gilt shows, Denver, Team Purebred and NJSA events
     Purebreds include Spots, Durocs, Chesters, Polands and Yorks
We will also have approximately 30 Cross litters including Dark Crosses, Light Crosses as well as Hamp and York appearing crosses

You can expect to pay from $350 to $1000 in most cases.

50 Litters this fall

          Spots  ::  Durocs  ::  Chesters  ::  Polands  ::  Yorks
          Dark Cross  ::  Light Cross  ::  Hamp & York Appearing  Crosses