Harman Farms is honored to donate the 2017 CTBR Foundation Gilt. This gilt is a Loud Mouth x Dirty Laundry x Maverick. She hasn’t ever been shown, which means she hasn’t ever been on paylean or matrix, and she has been on 16-18% protein her whole life. She has a 7-7 underline and is stress negative. The gilt is out of a 2nd parody sow, and a litter of 9 born alive and 9 weaned. Her mother’s first litter had a class champion spot at Houston in 2016.


We will be keeping a littermate boar that we’ll call “Here for the Party.”  She has two littermates pictured below that were 3rd and 4th overall spots at Denver.  We believe this girl to be out of our best line of spot sows.

16601917_1411149435594953_454392212519717687_o                                        16665155_1411149295594967_7526792947994175019_o16487630_1411148815595015_3805803801069822232_o

Here for the Party

Grand Dam *pivotal sow in our spot herd*

Great Grand Dam

Great Great Grand Dam

Both sides of the foundation gilt’s pedigree go back to our Supreme Champion Gilt at Houston 2007 multiple times.

Sire – Loud Mouth (Upperhand Genetics)

The amount of winners that Loud Mouth has had in the past 6 months to a year is too long to list. Here are a few of the most recent.  Loud Mouth was also “Man of the Year”

loudmouth_sideloudmouth_rearScreen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.32.38 PM

As you can see, this gilt’s pedigree is proven.  She’s rock solid all the way through and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the scholarship fund for these great kiddos involved with CTBR. If you have other questions, feel free to call Wayne or Leslie.


Weekly Texas Pork Producers Report on KGNC featured the Texas Stars Gilt show and David Kempen. Check it out for some great info!