2017 CTBR Foundation Female

Sells Tuesday Feb 14 – 6:00 P.M.

2017 Certified Texas Bred Foundation Female

Foundation Female Spot gilt


Loudmouth was named SPOT MAN OF THE YEAR and has dominated spot shows since they hit the ring. He has sired over 25 Breed and Reserve Breed Champions all over the nation since this summer!
•The sow side of her pedigree has consistently produced numerous winners year after year.
•This litter was very consistent producing two littermate barrows that were 3rd and 4th overall spots at Denver and a littermate boar that we will stand called HERE FOR THE PARTY.

•This gilt is from a 2nd parity sow who produced a class champion barrow at Houston last year.

•Her Grand Dam is the foundation of our spot herd. She has produced the 2015 Champion Spot Barrow at Austin, 2015 Champion Spot Barrow at Tulsa and 2015 Class Champion Spot Barrow at State Fair of Texas.
•Her Great Grand Dam was the Reserve Spot Gilt at San Antonio in 2011. This female also produced the Reserve Spot Gilt in the Open show at San Antonio in 2013, Reserve Spot Gilt in Fort Worth in 2013 and a Class Champion at San Antonio in 2013.
•The Great Great Grand Dam was the 2010 Champion Spot gilt at San Antonio. The 2007 Supreme Gilt at Houston is also in this pedigree multiple times.


• This gilt has a 7/7 underline
• She is from a 2nd parity sow and out of a litter of 9 (9 born alive – 9 raised)
• Stress Negative
• Not fit on – No Paylean, No Matrix, 16-18% Protein

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