PEDIGREE: Swipe Right X Muffin X Mr. Wolf
Cross Boar
STRESS: Carrier
SEMEN: $200/Dose :: $150 Overrun

Harman Boar Stud Touch Enough White Cross Boar
Tough Enough Cross Boar read view


Tough Enough is a combination of 3 highly successful white cross boars that have dominated the Southwest over the past 5 years – Mr. Wolf, Muffin and Swipe Right.  These three boars, all housed at The Stud,  have sired the majority of winning “yorks” in Texas over the past few years.  

We have been building a “Dirty York” line and this one puts all of our efforts together.  He has BIG Legs, is structurally correct off both ends, is good in his pasterns, has a huge top and muscular hip and takes a long stride off both ends. We retained all of his littermate gilts and they are one of the most consistent litters that we have ever had. 

 Use him if you need to add bone, a big shapely top, muscle, flexibility and agility.  We think that he is a great fit for traditional purebred Yorkshire sows that need more muscle, bone and better structure overall.  

Major Winners Sired by Tough Enough

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3rd Place Cross Barrow

San Antonio - 2019

Bred by Harman Farms

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Placing Cross Barrow

San Angelo - 2019

Bred by Harman Farms