PEDIGREE: High Life X Entourage X Transformer
Registered Spot Boar
Bred By Reiss Livestock
STRESS: Carrier
REG NO 159016003 EAR NOTCH 34-3


Reckless Spot Boar at Harman Farms Profile
Reckless Spot Boar Front view


We are extremely excited about our Spot boar Reckless and what he brings to the table.  Phenotypically he is one impressive individual.  We love his BIG BONE, WIDE TOP and great curvature of RIB and center of body.    He is exceptionally square front to back with a BIG SQUARE HIP.  He comes from a firm, Reiss Livestock,  that has repeatedly pulled banners out of Major shows and his pedigree is packed with winners.  He is a full sib to the Reserve Spot at San Antonio in 2015, a littermate to a class winning barrow at the 2015 State Fair of Texas, and his Grand dam was the Reserve Spot gilt at San Antonio in 2012.  We have a tremendous amount of confidence in this one!  We bred all of our spot spring litters to him and he will be used heavily in our own program this spring.

Breeding Guide

Boar Highlights:

•  Square front to back
•  Big Bone & Big Foot
•  Stout featured
•  Big powerful top
•  Big Rib and center of Body
•  Massive square hip

Breeding Advice:

Breed to sows that
•  need muscle & shape
•  need bone
•  need more rib and body
•  need to be better structured

Reckless Spot Boar rear view

Major Show Winners Sired by Reckless

Class Winning Spot Gilt San Antonio 2017 Sired by Reckless

Class Winning Spot Gilt
San Antonio  2017
Bred by Harman Farms

Hand picked show pig 2nd place Spot Gilt San Angelo STARS Gilt Show 2017

2nd Place CTBR Sale Gilt
San Angelo  2017
Bred by Harman Farms

No Photo available

Placing Spot Gilt
San Angelo 2017
Bred by Woodward Farms