Show pigs for sale in 2020 pictures of baby pigs including hamp appearing crosses Yorks spots durocs

Show Pigs for Sale

2020 July & August Born Litters

Take a look at our 2020 July and August litter lineup. These show pigs will be for sale in late August. We have spend that past couple of years assembling an elite sow that you will benefit from. Every sow’s phenotype and pedigree is intensively studied for strengths and weaknesses and the search begins for the right boar that will complement her and help make those top end show pigs that will make you successful in the show ring. Our show pigs are reasonably priced.  Most pigs will sell off the farm in the price range of $350 – $1000.

Show Pigs for sale

We offer multiple ways to buy a show pigs. We can help you find your next champion.


Take a look at the sires that we used this year.  Winning show pigs come from winning genetics.

Barns Open AUGUST

Buy show pigs directly off the farm without the hassle of going to a pig sale. We would love to see you.

Check back soon as we update with litter numbers and birth dates.

LitterBirth Date
17/3/20CrossBlow58-5 X (Swipe Right x Muffin x Mr. Wolf)
27/3/20CrossAll Day60-2 X (Out for the Count x Mr Wolf)
SpotStorm Warning8-3 S (Loudmouth x Dirty Laundry)
CrossSlapout45-7 X (Big Sexy x Best Man)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
57/7/20CrossBlow65-2 X (Out for the Count x Mr Wolf)
67/7/20CrossUncaged90-5 X (World Wide x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
DurocHysteria78-1 D (He's Got It x Jasper)
SpotBellagio58-5 S (Big Timber x Django)
DurocHysteria57-1 D (I Call x 6 Speed)
SpotBody Guard
6-3 S (Shut Ur Mouth x Why Not)
117/10/20DurocHaz-Mat73-1 D (Hi Rise x Go Time)
CrossPanic Button10-15 X (Little Bro x Culture Shock)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
137/13/20CrossSlapout1-3 X (In the Moment x Side Show Bob x Warfare)
147/13/20DurocRIP28-2 D (Go Time x Eye Opener)
157/15/20CrossPanic Button54-2 X (Swipe Right x Muffin X Mr Wolf)
167/15/20CrossDirty South5-1 X (Muffin x Mr Wolf)
177/1620DurocHooked on a Feeling73-3 D (Hi Rise x Go Time)
187/16/20CrossBow Before Me77-9 X (T132 x Best Man)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
197/16/20CrossWAGS26-4 X (No Hesitation x Mr Wolf)
*Purchased from Rival Genetics
207/17/20DurocRed Lion15-1 D (All Good x Red Bull)
217/17/20DurocRIP41-1 D (Eye Opener x High Expectations)
227/17/20CrossKingslayer51-1 X (LBA x Redemption)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
237/18/20CrossBefore You48-5 X (Lessons Learned x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
247/18/20CrossKracker62-1 X (Swipe Right x Muffin x Mr. Wolf)
257/18/20CrossSlapout3-1 Y (Amped Up x Power Up)
267/18/20CrossKracker65-5 X (Daddy's Money x Wedding Night)
277/18/20PolandHigh Noon11-5 P (Full House x Movin On)
287/20/20CrossSpring Loaded41-4 X (Josey Wales x Soileau Duke)
297/15/20PolandBlack Mamba58-2 P (Nailed It x Kankles)
*Bred by Foote Farms
307/20/20SpotStorm Warning39-2 S (Saving Grace x Big Timber)
317/21/20SpotStorm Warning24-1 S (Dig This x Django)
327/21/20CrossUncaged72-3 X (Little Bro x Hot Route)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
337/21/20CrossGoosebumps48-7 X (Blurred Vision x Redemption)
*Bred by Mike Clay
347/22/20SpotCowboy Up11-2 S (Momentum Tango)
*Reserve Spot Fall Classic 2018 raised by Nation
357/24/20SpotCowboy Up39-8 S (Scorpion x Mic Drop)
*Bred by Tribe Genetics
367/24/20ChesterBox Office42-2 C (Playtoy x Twisted)
377/26/20CrossSlapout21-2 X (Duke x Got Ur Swag x Space Monkey)
*Bred by Rival Genetics
387/27CrossJo Jo6-9 X (Old Spice x Best Man)
*Bred by Mike Clay
397/28/20SpotHigh & Tight13-5 S (Walk This Way x Why Not)
407/28/20SpotCowboy Up26-2 S (Saving Grace x Gossip x Kolt 45)
417/28/20DurocHysteria46-5 D (Bomb Squad x Go Time)
437/29/20CrossCruel Intentions34-5 X (Lessons Learned X Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
448/1/20DurocJimmy T78-2 D (He's Got It x Jasper)
458/1/20PolandDazed & Confused43-1 P (Chest Pains x Full House)
468/1/20DurocHysteria28-7 D (I Call x 6 Speed)
478/1/20SpotJust In Time37-10 S (Mouth Off x High Life)
*Purchased from Reiss Livestock
488/3/20CrossGoosebumps51-12 X (Blurred Vision x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay