PEDIGREE: Summer School x Taking Lessons
STRESS: Negative
BRED BY: Steven Cranor
REG: 410178009   EN: 8-9

Duroc Sire Mass Hysteria Profile


When we started lining up matings for summer litters it was apparent that we needed a sleek muscle red boar that would not rip out all of the bone and mass that we have worked so hard to put into our red ones. Of course structure would have to be perfect too.  We hunted around for a boar to use and realized how hard that a boar of that style was going to be to find.  

When Wayne left for the Southwest Type Conference in hunt of a Spot boar, we discussed the need for a red one if he surfaced in Belton.  He was there and was spotted immediately by both Wayne ringside and by Leslie watching at home.  Fortunately we were able to get him bought and he has seen a number of our stout rugged females that need more front end extension.

To make things better, when you delve into his pedigree you notice that it is stacked with Beyers boars including Summer School, Lesson Plans, Watch N Learn and Taking Lessons.  No one has been hotter in the Duroc breed than Bret Beyers and these boars all had their place in the Beyers program.  Along with these influential Beyers boars He’s the One and Crown Royal also appear on in the dam’s pedigree.  We experienced the influence of both of these boars here as well.  

This one is LONG necked, has a big muscular hip, is correct in his structure and still has bone.  We feel that Mass Hysteria is the Duroc sire that we needed for our program and have a tremendous amount of faith in this young boar.