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Harman Farms is owned and operated by Wayne and Leslie Harman and is located in the Northeastern Corner of the Texas Panhandle. Harman Farms is a highly competitive and successful show pig operation which strives to make our customers successful both in the show ring and the farrowing barn. As show pig breeders we understand the importance of offering high quality products to our customers whether it be a showpig or boar semen.   

Our operation currently consists of around 100 females and 15 elite boars.  The majority of our litters are farrowed July-Sept for southwest shows however we also farrow some litters in the winter and spring for summer shows and fall state fairs. We believe that the strength of a program originates with a strong sow herd and we have worked diligently to create sow lines in every breed that excel in structural soundness and can produce all of the characteristics of a winning show pig today.  Our focus is to make every litter count.  Every sow is here for a reason and every mating is planned in regards to what boar best fits her and when she should farrow.   This focus allows us to raise highly competitive show pigs and breeding stock that continue to win in the show ring year after year.

 We value each and every one of our customers and are focused on making our customers successful whether it be through purchasing a show pig, breeding stock or getting your sow bred.  We are focused on making our customers successful and are willing to work with your situation to make you successful.  When you purchase an animal from Harman Farms you are not only buying the animal but you gain access to our training, feeding, fitting, and showmanship resources.  Most of our pigs are sold off the farm or through our October On The Farm Sale.  We work closely with customers who cannot make it to the farm through our Hand Picked and Buy It Now options to get pigs into customers hands who cannot make it to the farm to make purchases. 

Our semen customers also receive one on one help as needed on breeding advice, AI techniques as well as farrowing guidelines when needed.  We have a new fully equipped lab and follow high quality control standards to ensure that all semen leaving is of excellent quality and all regularly priced semen is backed by a guaranteed settle policy.  

Your success starts with Harman Farms so feel free to contact us and visit about show pigs or boars to enhance your genetic program. Give us a call and let us help you win. 

If you would like to learn more about our operation, read the following articles.

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