Fall Litters 2019

Sometimes the wait is worth it....Two years ago we made a commitment to upgrade our genetic base. We worked hard to add exceptional females to our herd and bred them to some of the best boars in the nation. This fall offering will include the first 2 sets of gilts that we added to our herd. The pigs look exceptional and we know that it was worth the wait and commitment.
LitterBirth Date
17/3/19CrossBack to the Future
(Stands at TKO - Direct Outta Hand son)
60-2 X (Out for the Count x Mr Wolf)
27/3/19PolandJackpot1-4 P (Kankles x Movin On)
*Littermate to Champion Poland at Denver 2018 & Champion Gilt at San Angelo 2018
37/4/19CrossRefocus26-4 X (No Hesitation x Mr Wolf)
*Purchased from Rival Genetics - Goes back to Pretty Girl
47/4/19CrossRefocus44-2 X (Duke x Tapp Datt x Super Monster)
*Purchased from Soileau
57/6/19CrossSpring Loaded
(Blurred Vision son bred by Mike Clay)
6-8 X (Lessons Learned x Duke)
67/7/19CrossRefocus40-4 X (Muffin x Mr Wolf)
*Purchased from the Stud
77/9/19SpotDig This
*Champion Spot Weanling at 2018 Fall Classic, Raised by Nation
37-10 S (Mouth Off x High Life)
*Purchased from Reiss Livestock
87/11/19SpotJaw Breaker58-5 S (Big Timber x Django)
97/11/19CrossTough Enough42-2 X (Wedding RInger x Duke)
107/12/19CrossSouth Bound
(Dirty South x Dirty Secret)
6-1 X (Lessons Learned x Duke)
117/12/19CrossSecret Weapon21-6 X (Duke x Got Ur Swag x Space Monkey)
*Purchased from Rival Genetics
127/12/19CrossWedding Blues59-3 X (No Fare x War Turkey)
137/12/19CrossDirty Hairy
(Upperhand Genetics)
51-1 X (Oklahoma Breakdown x Dream Chaser)
147/14/19DurocBomb Squad82-2 D (I Call x Table Talk)
157/15/19CrossClean Livin65-2 X (Out for the Count x Ricker York)
167/15/19CrossSolo34-5 X (Lessons Learned X Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
177/17/19CrossSouth Paw48-5 X (Lessons Learned x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
187/17/19CrossKing of the Hill51-12 X (Blurred Vision x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
197/18/19CrossRefocus68-4 X (Spring Loaded x Wedding Ringer)
* Littermate to Class Winning barrow at Austin
207/18/19SpotJaw Breaker6-3 S (Shut Ur mouth x Why Not)
217/18/19SpotNo Words13-5 S (Walk This Way x Why Not)
227/19/19CrossKing Size51-12 X (Blurred Vision x Kiss My Hocks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
237/19/19ChesterNot Bluffin60-1 C (Rum Runner x Cliffhanger)
247/19/19SpotDig This
*Champion Spot Weanling at 2018 Fall Classic, Raised by Nation
32-4 S (Django x Maverick)
257/19/19CrossRefocus40-3 X (Affirmed x Wasting Gas)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
267/20/19SpotJust In Time49-1 S (Walk This Way x Here for the Party)
287/20/19DurocStand Tall28-3 D (I Call x 6 Speed)
277/21/19Duroc4.02-3 D (BR 549 x Pockets)
297/23/19Duroc4.01-2 D (I Call x Pockets)
307/24/19CrossGet It On23-6 X (Legit x Strut)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
317/24/19CrossExpectations30-4 X (Total Addiction x Oklahoma Breakdown)
327/24/19PolandHot Pursuit43-1 P (Chest Pains x Full House)
337/24/19DurocHooked on a Feeling73-1 D (Hi Rise x Go Time)
347/24/19DurocBomb Squad41-1 D (Eye Opener x High Expectations)
357/24/19DurocHe's the Light19-3 D (Hi Rise x I Call)
367/25/19Duroc4.015-1 D (All Good x Red Bull)
377/26/19ChesterNot Bluffin42-3 C (Cliffhanger x Kool Whip)
387/26/19CrossMans Game
*Direct Best Man son at Frontline Genetics
6-9 X (Old Spice x Best Man)
397/26/19CrossExpectations90-5 X (World Wide x Kiss My Socks)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
407/28/19SpotDouble Time26-2 S (Saving Grace x Gossip x Kolt 45)
417/29/19SpotNo Words39-2 S (Saving Grace x Big Timber)
427/29/19ChesterPlay Toy53-1 C (Twisted x Jumper Cables)
437/29/19PolandSitting Bull4-7 ( Movin On x Unstoppable)
*Raised the Champion Poland at Denver 2017
447/29/19DurocLast Drop28-7 D (I Call x 6 Speed)
457/30/19DurocHooked on a Feeling59-5 D (Jasper x Built Right)
467/31/19DurocBomb Squad28-2 D (Go Time x Eye Opener)
477/31/19CrossSouth Paw41-4 X (Josey Wales x Soileau Duke)
487/31/19CrossMans Game24-10 X (Wedding Night x Beyond)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
497/31/19CrossKing of the Hill1-3 X (In the Moment x Side Show Bob x Warfare)
508/1/19SpotDouble Time3-1 S (Loudmouth x Dirty Laundry)
*Littermate to Here for the Party
518/2/19DurocConsent73-3 D (Hi Rise x Go Time)
538/3/19ChesterPlay Toy5-5 C (Kool Whip x Scratch My Itch)
548/2/19DurocLast Drop78-2 D (He's Got It x Jasper)
558/3/19CrossSolo34-5 X (Big Sexy x Redemption X Duke)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
568/3/19DurocTop It Off43-1 D (Crown Royal x Juicy Fruit)
578/4/19SpotJust In Time34-3 S (Walk this Way x Mouth Off)
588/5/19SpotJust In Time51-1 S (Saving Grace x Loudmouth)
598/6/19DurocHooked on a Feeling56-4 D (Go Time x He's the One)
608/9/19DurocJimmy T1-2 D (Red Bull x Crown Royal)
*Mother of Supreme Gilt San Angelo STARS Show 2017
618/9/19SpotNever Stop11-2 S (Momentum x Tango)
*Reserve Champion Spot Weanling gilt Fall Classic 2018
628/10/19SpotDouble Time18-4 S (Gossip x Kolt 45)
638/11/19CrossSquare Edge45-7 X (Big Sexy x Best Man)
*Purchased from Mike Clay
648/14/19Duroc4.054-2 D (High Expectations x Crown Royal)
668/17/19DurocHooked On a Feeling16-1 D (He's Got It x High Expectations)
688/14/19DurocBomb Squad34-1 D (All Good x Crown Royal)
698/16/19PolandDream Weaver31-2 P (Chest Pains x Full House)
708/17/19SpotJust In Time8-2 S (Loud Mouth x Dirty Laundry)
728/17/19DurocLast Drop28-10 D (6 Speed x Red Barron)
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