PEDIGREE: Momentum X Tango
Registered Spot Boar
STRESS: Negative
BRED BY Randy Nation
REG NO 169070010  EAR NOTCH 11-10


Dig This Spot Boar at Harman Farms
Dig This 2 web

Dig This Combines Multiple Great Pedigrees

Dig This was the Champion Spot Weanling Male at the 2018 Fall Classic.  He stems from the heart of Randy and Lisa Nations winning Spot line.  His sire Momentum has sired numerous Champions in the barrow, gilt and breeding stock rings across the nation.  His dam produced the Champion Spot at Houston in 2016.  He hails from a deep litter. Not only was he named the Champion Male Weanling at the Fall Classic, but his sister was also named the Reserve Champion Female Weanling at the Fall Classic.   

We feel that Dig This is a very unique Spot boar.  This one is big legged, muscular and still has look and extension through his front end. We feel that this one has the balance, look, stoutness and build that it takes to win.  He has always had a massive hip which he carries with ease.

Use him to add…

  • a cocky showpig Look 
  • front end extension
  • a muscular build
  • flexibility and Agility