PEDIGREE: Why Not x Footloose
Registered Spot Boar
STRESS: Negative
REG NO 162231007  EAR NOTCH 59-8


Bustin Loose Spot Boar


Our Bustin Loose Spot boar combines two Spot bloodlines that have won show after show in the southwest – Why Not and Happy Feet.  This guy has a cool show pig look –  tall fronted with tremendous neck extension for a spot.  Pair that look with a big square muscular hip, bone and design for one showy looking spot.  We think that this one will be a great out cross for the Loud Mouth and Get Loud bloodlines.

 Breeding Guide

Boar Highlights:

•  Cool look with a long neck
•  Tall Fronted
•  Big Square Muscular hip
•  Shapely top

•  Outcross for Loudmouth & Get Loud lines
•  Extended through his head and neck

Breeding Advice:

Breed to sows that
•  need look
•  need more muscle and shape
•  need to be taller fronted
•  need more extension


Bustin Loose Spot Boar Harman Farms
Bustin Loose Spot Boar
Bustin Loose Spot Boar