AI Certificate Request

Boar AI Certificate Request

If you bred to one of our boars and would like to register the litter you will need an AI Certificate.  We will complete your AI Certificates online with the appropriate breed registry where it will be available when you are ready to register your litter. 
Please complete the following information below or call Leslie at 806-202-2176 to request an AI Certificate.

•  All AI certificates will be issued online with the proper breed association.  
•  The cost for a certificate is $30.  This cost will be applied to your credit card on file unless other arrangements are made. If your credit card information has changed please give us a call so that there will not be a delay in processing your AI Certificate. Payment must be received before the AI Certificate can be issued. 
•  Please complete a separate form for each AI Certificate requested.

If you request AI Certificates online and you do not hear back from us confirming that the certificate has been issued please call Leslie at 806-202-2176.

You will need the Ear Notch and Registration Number of the boar when you register your litter.  This information can be found on individual boar web pages

Purebred Durocs, Hampshires, Yorkshires and Landrace will be registered with National Swine Registry (NSR) while Spots, Poland Chinas, Chester Whites and Herefords will be registered under Certified Pedigreed Swine (CPS)

Need help registering your litter?  Click on the button below for step by steps to registering your litter.